Zooniversity Outreach Program


Safari Niagara’s “Zooniversity Outreach Program” is designed to provide an informative, educational, close-up animal encounter for all ages. Dynamic, interactive presentations featuring mammals, reptiles and birds will WOW your group.

Learn how zoos play a significant role in conserving biodiversity by helping to prevent the disappearance of many species through breeding programs, and conservation projects. Learn how the role of zoos have changed over the last decade from one of housing animals simply for public display, to one that is a life boat for species around the globe. Learn how different animal species are adopting to Urban Sprawl and what you can do to help them survive in a concrete jungle.

This up-close personal experience with Safari Niagara’s animal will leave a lasting impression and truly make your event memorable.

Our Staff

Safari Niagara employs dedicated individuals that support Animal Health and Wellbeing by becoming animal advocates.


  1. All of our animals used for Outreach travel with Health Certificates
  2. The animals provided in our shows are a mix of mammals, reptiles and birds. Please note animals are like people, should an animal not feel fit to travel or perform Safari Niagara has the right to change the line up without notice.

Location Requirements:

  1. An open area is required at least 12’x12’ for presentations
  2. An area where animals can retreat from the public “Quiet/Secure room”
  3. A rear entry access point to allow entry without the presence of the public.
  4. Minimum of one electrical outlet

How to Book Zooniversity:

Events are booked on a first-come, first-served basis – Inquire early! Please download our Zooniversity Outreach Sell Sheet for more details.

Give our sales department a call at 905-382-9669 ext.241 or toll-free 1-866-367-9669, email us at info@safariniagara.com or fill out the form below to book or learn more about our Zooniversity Outreach Program.

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