Promoting the Welfare of Others

Safari Niagara is a proud sponsor of the Kalaweit Project; a pioneer project in the conservation and protection of the gibbons of Indonesia.

The Kalaweit Project is very active in working with the local community and internationally to raise the awareness of the plight of gibbons. The project was expanded in 2003 to include Sumatra and the three species of gibbon found there. Kalaweit currently cares for over 300 gibbons rescued from the illegal pet trade. Following on from successful trial releases of Gibbons and Siamangs, Kalaweit Kalimantan will begin large-scale reintroduction of Hylobates albibarbis in a specially created and protected site. Suitable release sites are being sought for all the species in the rehabilitation programme.

Safari Niagara offers various Behind the Scenes Tours.  A portion of the proceeds of these tours is donated to several foundations in their plight to save species and their habitat. To learn more on how you can help please visit the links below.

Kalaweit Project

International Rhino Foundation

Giraffe Conservation Foundation

World Wildlife Fund Canada

“It’s not too late, together we can save species.”