Q:  Is the cost per person?
A: The cost is per vehicle.

Q:  What if I am running late?
A:  We will still honour your ticket as long as you arrive by 8:30pm.

Q:  What if I would like to change my date/time?
A:  Please email us at info@safariniagara.  Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Q:  How long does it take to drive through?
A:  Once you enter the park, it takes approximately one hour from start to finish.

Q:  Can I buy treats in the park?
A:  Treats can be purchased online when you purchase your admissions ticket.  You then can pick up your treats along the tour.

Q:  Do you have washrooms in the park?
A:  Washrooms are located in the parking lot.  You can access them before or after you complete the tour?

Q: Will we see any of the zoo animals?
A:  Most animals are put in for the winter/night plus visibility will be minimal given dark/light contrast.

Q:  Can we get out of our car to take pictures?
A:  Guests must remain in their vehicles the entire time.

Q:  Can I bring my dog in the car?
A:  Dogs are permitted inside the vehicle as long as your windows remain closed.

Q:  Can we bring truck/trailer?  Can we sit in the back of the truck / on the trailer?
A:  Vehicles must fit size criteria and all passengers must be securely inside.

Q:  Can I give my ticket to someone else?
A:  You can gift your ticket to anyone you’d like.

Q: How many times can I go through the park.
A:  Each ticket allows guests 1 pass through the park.

Q:  What if I have a ticket leftover from GLOW NIAGARA that I did not use?
A:  GLOW NIAGARA was put on by a different company called Glow Gardens.  Any inquiries re: tickets from last year’s light show must be directed to Glow Gardens.




We offer a safe and contactless event so you can sit back, and enjoy worry-free fun!

Please note that proof of vaccination is not required for admission to Safari Niagara at this time, per the Province of Ontario’s Vaccination Plan. Currently, proof of vaccination is only required for indoor non-essential businesses.