Class is in at Safari Niagara

Daily Show at 3:00PM

Safari Niagara’s “Zooniversity” is designed to provide an informative, educational, close-up animal encounter for all ages; Zooniversity is a dynamic, interactive presentation featuring mammals from around the globe.

Learn how zoos play a significant role in conserving biodiversity by helping to prevent the disappearance of many species through breeding programs, and conservation projects. Learn how the role of zoos over the last decade or more has changed from one of housing animals simply for public display, to one that is a lifeboat for species around the globe. Learn how different animal species are adapting to Urban Sprawl and what you can do to help them survive in a concrete jungle.

This up-close personal experience with Safari Niagara’s animals will leave a lasting impression and truly make your visit memorable. Come meet some of Safari Niagara’s ambassadors on your next visit to Safari Niagara.