Meet the Gibbons Keeper Talk

Daily Keeper Talk at 3:30PM

Meet the Gibbons at this special Keeper Talk. Safari Niagara is home to three species of Gibbon Apes, join our Keepers as they share unique and interesting behaviours of the Gibbons.

The spectacular brachiating of the gibbons makes them the most acrobatic of all apes. When in a hurry, gibbons seem to be virtually flying through the treetops. Their arms are extremely long in proportion to their body length, and they swing through the trees with great speed and agility, clearing gaps up to 20 ft (6 m) wide. On the ground they walk on two feet, holding their arms up awkwardly to keep them from dragging the ground.

Gibbons are found in subtropical and tropical rainforests throughout Southeast Asia. They live in family groups that usually consist of a mated pair and their juvenile offspring. Group size usually ranges from 2-6 individuals with young gibbons leaving their family groups between 5-8 years of age. Common social behaviours include playing, grooming and singing.