Learn more about some of your favourite animals from the keepers who take care of them on a daily basis. Our Keeper Talks will provide educational information about what is required to care for our animals, share some of their unique personalities with you and provide you with an intimate look on conservation.

Please Note: All Keeper Talks are weather permitting and do not run in inclement weather.

Africas Cats Keeper Talk - African Leopard

Africa’s Cats

Some of the rarest and most elusive creatures in the wild are cats of Africa. Join our Zoo Keeper for an intimate look at Africa’s Cats.

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Giraffe Keeper Talk

Come join us for an up close encounter with our majestic giraffes and learn more information about this species from our keepers.

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Living With Wildlife - Skunk - Safari Niagara

Living With Wildlife

Safari Niagara's keepers will help you live with wildlife by increasing your neighbourhoods' biodiversity

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Meet the Gibbons at Safari Niagara's Keeper Talk

Meet the Gibbons

Safari Niagara is home to three species of Gibbon Apes, join our Keepers as they share unique and interesting behaviours of the Gibbons.

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Meet the Hippos Keeper Talk at Safari Niagara

Meet the Hippos

Join our keepers for our daily Meet the Hippos Keeper Talk for an up close encounter with our hippopotami, Gladis and Bobo.

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Meet the Red River Hogs

Join in with our Keeper for our Meet the Red River Hogs Keeper Talk to find out what makes these pigs so unique.

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Meet the Wolves Keeper Talk at Safari Niagara

Meet the Wolves

Come visit our wolves (Maggie, Luna and Rain) along with their keeper to learn more about this fascinating species

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Reptiles of the World

Our knowledgeable staff will both entertain and educate you on some of Safari Niagara's unique reptiles.

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Rhino Feeding & Keeper Talk

Meet Sabari, the Indian Rhinoceros! You can also have the chance to feed him for an additional fee.

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Sustainable Ecosystems Keeper Talk at Safari Niagara

Sustainable Ecosystems

Safari Niagara has its own sustainable ecosystem. Take a walk with our Keeper and learn the value of sustaining our world’s ecosystems.

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Armadillo-Texas Trouble Keeper Talk at Safari Niagara

Texas Trouble

Join us for a closer look and learn about the Armadillo's remarkable characteristics and why they are often called “Texas Trouble”

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Wonders of Flight Demonstration

Hawks, owls, vultures and other wonders of flight are the stars of this interactive and educational presentation.

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