Educational Resources

A class visit to a zoo or nature park such as Safari Niagara is an excellent learning opportunity for students in any grade level. For many grades the experience can fulfill program goals or expectations from Ministry of Education Curriculum Documents, notably Science and Technology 2007 and Social Studies 2004.

Even where, at a particular grade level, there is no direct link to the curriculum documents there are opportunities for you, the teacher, to connect pre visit, onsite and post visit classroom activities to the hands-on experience of the day.

The management of Safari Niagara recognized these direct and implied connections beginning with the inception and opening of the park. To assist you in planning for your visit we assembled a team of teachers at all grade levels to produce materials which will hopefully be of use to you. These curriculum materials have been upgraded several times as Ministry of Education documents were revised. However, the suggested activities remain essentially the same because good teaching ideas are forever!

Please feel free to download your grade specific education resources from the below links:

Regardless of how you plan to enhance your visit to our facility by classroom activities the fundamental truths remain. Zoos and nature parks today are becoming both a last refuge for many endangered species and a hope for their recovery at some point in the future. Humankind must accept the responsibility for the recovery of the planet. The closer we can get our students to physical contact with the real world and the wonders of nature the more they will, as adults, appreciate the gravity of this task.