Conservation Initiatives

The role of zoos over the last decade or more has changed from one of housing animals simply for public display, to one that is a life boat for species around the globe. Safari Niagara has now stepped into the role of what we refer to as a “Conservation Ark”; the major focus at Safari Niagara is education, and the promotion of conservation of many, for the species that have rapidly declined in the past years. The concept of the conservation ark is a twofold one which focuses on both the proliferation and protection of numerous endangered species globally.

Safari Niagara also plays a significant role in conserving biodiversity by helping to prevent the disappearance of many species through breeding programs. These programs result in a genetically healthy and diverse range of species that are maintained to ensure sustainable captive populations.

While not only participating in International Breeding Programs Safari Niagara has created several areas within the park to conserve Ontario’s Wildlife; providing a safe haven for both native and migratory species. Partnering with Niagara College’s Society for Ecological Restoration, together we have created an aggressive action plan to restore the natural ecosystems within our 120 acre facility. This program is well visualized by educational signage and links to allow you the opportunity to participate in the conservation of our natural resources by simply restoring or maintaining ecosystems in your own backyard.