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Join us for our Giraffe Experience!

Availability: 12:00PM Daily

  • All Guests are to check in at Guest Services (entrance of the park) for their Behind The Scenes Experience at least 1 hour before their booked time
  • Please note that all Behind The Scenes Experiences will start at exactly the time stated and can not be delayed.

Each and every day 7 days a week all year long in every possible type of weather, Safari Niagara’s devoted Animal Care Team works diligently to ensure our animals receive the best possible care. Join us for a behind the scenes tour as keepers explain some of the trials and tributes facing them on a daily basis as they care for these noble creatures.

While exploring behind the scenes at the Giraffes, keepers will take you on a journey. You will learn how the tallest mammal in world is able to travel from zoo to zoo and exactly what it takes to bring them into Canada from another country. Learn the importance of quarantine and what is involved while working through the quarantine process. See how much thought goes into creating the environment that they now call home.

Ever wonder how it is possible for a giraffe to have the same number of vertebrate in the neck as humans; or how tall a baby giraffe is when it is born? While keepers answer these and many more questions they will also explain the need for sustainable captive populations; how these populations are governed and the importance it has on wild populations.

Join us for a behind the scenes tour and let Moses and Rainbow steal your heart as you stand next to one of the world’s most iconic species.

Please note the following:
  • Experiences run approximately 35-45 minutes in length
  • Experiences limited to a maximum of six people and a minimum of two people
  • Minimum age to experience tour is 6 years old.
  • Children must be supervised at all times – they will not be permitted to move about without the parent at arms reach
  • Space is limited and reservations are required to avoid disappointment
  • Payment is due upon booking.
  • Seven (7) day cancellation policy – if a tour is cancelled within seven (7) days of reservation date a refund will NOT be given.
  • Tours run rain or shine
  • Safari Niagara reserves the right to change an experience due to circumstances out of our control such as an animal’s health, exhibit maintenance, etc
  • Photos & video are not permitted at all times of your tour and only allowed at the zookeepers discretion.
  • Photos can be taken outside but not in barn areas
  • Admission to Safari Niagara is an additional cost

How to Book Your Giraffe Experience

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