Southern White Rhino

The Southern White Rhinoceros also known as the Southern Square Lipped Rhinoceros is one of the largest land animals and the largest of the five rhinoceros species alive today. Ninety- eight percent of the present population are found in five countries; South Africa, Namidia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda.

Males weigh up to 2300 kg (5070 lb) and females up to 1700 kg (3750 lb). They are recognized by their two horns, the front one of which is longer (up to 60 cm, 24 in).

These animals are herbivores, eating mainly grass. They have poor eyesight but excellent hearing and sense of smell.

Southern White Rhino @ Safari Niagara

  • Toy and Haus are our two Rhino residents.
  • They have a large paddock at the western end of the park.

Scientific Classification

Species:C. simum

Did you know?

  • This animal was almost extinct at the beginning of the 20th century. They were killed for their horns which are thought to be important in traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Conservation efforts have resulted in a strong comeback in many areas. In 2015, it was estimated there were 19,682 – 21,077 animals in the wild and almost 800 in captivity.
  • Poaching is still a serious threat. Protection methods now include drugging animals and cutting off their horns and then re-releasing them.