Slender Tailed Meerkat

Slender Tailed Meerkats are native to the Kalhari Desert of Botswana, the Namid Desert of Nambia, Angola and South Africa. They are small animals, 35 – 50 cm (14 – 24 in) plus a tail of about 25 cm (10 in). They have long claws used for digging.

They live in clans of about 20 and up to 50 individuals in large underground networks which they dig. Each group is led by a dominant male and female. They can live 12 – 24 years in the wild.

Their food consists of insects and other small animals including lizards, snakes, scorpions and spiders.

Slender Tailed Meerkat @ Safari Niagara

  • Our “mob” of Meerkats live at the reptile house.
  • They have a large outdoor viewing area on the north side of the building.

Scientific Classification

Species:S. suricatta

Did you know?

  • Despite their “cute” look these animals would not make suitable pets.
  • They are aggressive and they mark their territory with scent.