Six Banded Armadillo

The Six Banded Armadillo is widely distributed in South America. It is found throughout Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Surinam. They inhabit savannas, scrublands and deciduous forests. These mammals can grow to a length of 40 – 50 cm (16 – 20 in.) and weigh from 3.2 – 6.5 kg (7 – 13 lb). Their shell is made of bony plates called scutes covered with horny skin. They are the second largest of the armadillo species.

They are omnivores who eat a wide variety of insects, ants and plant material. This armadillo is one of the few creatures who eat fire ants.

They dig burrows using their strong forelimbs and claws. Unlike other armadillos the six banded will flee from danger and bites if handled.

Six Banded Armadillo @ Safari Niagara

  • The Six Banded Armadillo living at Safari Niagara is named Ollie.

Scientific Classification

Species:Euphractus sexcinctus

Did you know?

  • The Six Banded Armadillo likes to swim and will even walk along the bottom of a stream.
  • Armadillos have poor eyesight and hunt mainly by their sense of smell.