Savannah Uromastyx

The Savannah Uromastyx is one of the brightest coloured Uromastyx ranging from yellow to red. They reach an average size of 28-35cm and have a docile nature.

Uromastyx live in the deserts and prefer hot, dry, arid climates. They may be seen basking on rocks with surface temperatures exceeding 48C (120F). When threatened, they escape into burrows or underground tunnels which can stretch for over 3 meters (10 feet).

In the wild they are primarily herbivorous, although juveniles tend to be more omnivorous, feeding on crickets and other small insects. In captivity, they enjoy lettuce and other greens, pelleted diet, and crickets.

Savannah Uromastyx will breed in the spring and after about 4-6 weeks of mating females will lay a clutch of usually between 8-20 eggs which they will bury to protect them.

Savannah Uromastyx @ Safari Niagara

  • The Savannah Uromastyx can be found at the Safari Niagara Reptile House

Scientific Classification

Species:Uromastyx Geyri

Did you know?

  • The name uromastyx comes from the Ancient Greek prefix ‘oura,’ meaning tail and ‘mastigo,’ meaning whip.
  • They breed in the spring
  • A female will typically lay between 8-20 eggs after mating