Ring-tailed Lemur

The Ring Tailed Lemur, like all lemur species, is native to the island of Madagascar. It is a highly social animal and lives in groups of up to 30 with a female as the dominant animal. They are territorial and mark their space with scent glands. They spend up to a third of their time on the ground but are also adept climbers.

It is a relatively large lemur with a body length of 39 – 46 cm (15 – 18 in) and a distinctive tail longer than the body. The weight averages 2.4 kg (5 lb).

Lemurs are opportunistic omnivores. They eat primarily fruit, leaves, flowers and sap but will devour insects and small vertebrates when given the chance.

Females give birth to one offspring and occasionally twins.

Ring-tailed Lemur @ Safari Niagara

  • We have six Ring Tailed Lemurs at Safari Niagara. Their names are Kiwi, Diane & Cranberry and three that have not yet been named.

Scientific Classification

Species:L. catta

Did you know?

  • Deforestation and poaching are the greatest threat to lemurs.
  • They are listed as endangered by the IUCN and in CITES Appendix 1. This makes it illegal to trade in wild captured animals.
  • They breed very well in captivity.