Ostriches are native to northern Africa. There are two recognized species and five subspecies. They are flightless and the largest birds on the planet. Their average weight is 63 – 145 kg (139 – 320 lb). Adults stand up to 2.8 m (9 ft) in height.

Ostrich feathers have no barbs which would hold them together. As a result ostrich feathers are loose and sway when the bird is moving.

Ostriches eat plant matter and invertebrates. During the breeding season they live in nomadic groups of up to a hundred birds. Females lay the largest eggs of any living bird. Chicks can grow at a rate of 25 centimetres a month during their first year.

An ostrich can run in a short burst at 70 km/h (43 mph) and maintain a running speed of 50 km/hr (30 mph) making it the fastest two legged animal on earth.

Ostrich @ Safari Niagara

  • Safari Niagara is home to one male and two female ostriches.
  • Their paddock is located just across from the budgie exhibit.

Scientific Classification

Species:S. camelus

Did you know?

  • When threatened the ostrich defends itself with powerful kicks. However, it can only kick forward, not backwards.
  • Ostriches are most active early and late in the day.