Musk Ox

Musk Ox are Arctic animals native to Canada and Greenland. They have also been introduced to Sweden, Siberia and Norway. They have been reintroduced to Alaska which was part of their historic range. Musk Ox are members of the bovine family.

Both sexes have long curved horns and males are slightly larger than females. Males are 200 – 250 cm (6.6 – 8.2 ft) long and females 135 – 200 cm (4.4 -6.6 ft) long. Average weight is about 295 kg (650 lb). Their long thick coats make them look larger than they are.

Musk Ox live in small herds of up to 20 in the summer and gather in slightly larger groups of up to 24 in the winter. They are herbivours . A single calf is born to females and the rate of reproduction is relatively low. Life expectancy is 12 – 20 years.

They are capable of reaching a speed of 60 km (37 mi)/hr.

Musk Ox @ Safari Niagara

  • We have one male Musk Ox living at Safari Niagara.
  • The Musk Ox paddock is in the far northwest corner of the zoo.

Scientific Classification

Species:O. moschatus

Did you know?

  • The world population of Musk Ox is estimated at 80 -125 thousand animals with the largest concentration of 69 thousand on Banks Island in the Canadian Arctic.
  • During the last ice age Musk Ox lived as far south as Virginia.