Miniature Zebu

The Domestic Zebu is native to South Asia but has been introduced to Africa, Brazil and the United States because of its resistance to disease and its ability to withstand heat, sun and humidity. There are 75 recognized species of Zebu.

It is one of the smallest cattle in the world, reaching a length of 86 – 106 cm (34 – 42 in) and a weight of 150 – 200 kg (330 – 440 lb). They are used as draft animals and for the production of milk and meat. However, they produce very little.

The Zebu is easily recognized by the hump over its shoulders, the large dewlap hanging from the neck and its droopy ears. They are often cross bred with other cattle species to produce a more disease resistant animal.

Miniature Zebu @ Safari Niagara

  • The two animals at Safari Niagara are named Taji and Zanta.

Scientific Classification

Species:Bos tauris indicus

Did you know?

  • Besides being cross bred with other cattle the Zebu has also been crossed with Gaurs, Yaks and Bantengs.