Goeldi’s Monkey

The Goeldi’s Monkey is known by several names including Goelldi’s Tamarin, Goeldi’s Marmoset and Callimicas. It is native to the upper Amazon Basin including Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia and Peru. It is a rare animal.

The Goeldi’s Monkey lives in the understory of Primary forests. It prefers dense growth and small family groups of 6 – 8 individuals are often separated from others of its species by many kilometers.

This is one of the smallest primates. Body length ranges from 19 – 23 cm (7 – 9 in.) with a tail that reaches 25 – 32 cm (10 – 12 in.). They weigh 350 – 550 gm. (12 – 20 oz.).

They eat fruit, fungus, insects and nectar as well as frogs, toads, bird egg and lizards.

Goeldi’s Monkey @ Safari Niagara

  • The two Goeldi’s Monkeys are named inferno and Adelina.

Scientific Classification

Species:Callimico goeldii

Did you know?

  • Females give birth to one offspring and may give birth twice a year.
  • Goeldi’s Monkeys have small home range of only 0.3 to 1.5 square kilometers.