Florida Sandhill Crane

The Florida Sandhill Crane is one of several subspecies of the Sandhill Crane. It inhabits most of the state of Florida in freshwater marshes, prairies and pastures. There are only about 5 000 of these birds. The larger Sandhill Crane population continent wide numbers in the hundreds of thousands. Its greatest threat is habitat destruction.

It is described as a long necked, grey, heron like bird with a patch of bald red skin on the top of the head. They have a height of 120 cm (47 in) and a wingspread of 200 cm (79 in). This subspecies is non migratory but they are joined every winter by up to 25 000 migrating Greater Sandhill Cranes who spend the winter in Florida.

Their diet consists of berries, seeds, grain, insects, worms, mice, frogs, snakes and lizards.

Florida Sandhill Crane @ Safari Niagara

  • The two Flrida Sandhill Cranes are named Mars and Venus.

Scientific Classification

Species:Grus canadensis

Did you know?

  • -Sandhill Cranes are monogamous. The female lays two eggs in a nest on the ground. Both adults share in the incubation of the eggs.