The Emu of Australia is the second tallest bird in the world, after the ostrich. It is found throughout Australia in a variety of habitats. Emus can reach a height of 1.9 m (6.2 ft) and a weight of 18 – 60 kg (40 – 132 lb). They are flightless and can reach a speed of 50 km (30 mi) per hour on the ground. They do have vestigial wings. Which help balance then when they run.

Emus eat a variety of native and introduced plants and seeds as well as insects, spiders and millipedes.

They usually travel in pairs but will form flocks, especially during dry periods. The female will lay 5 – 15 dark green eggs. The nest is built on the ground. The male then incubates them. He does not eat or drink until after the eggs hatch some 56 days later.

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Scientific Classification

Species:Dromaius novaeholladiae

Did you know?

  • Emus belong to the most primitive of the bird families. Others members of this family are the kiwi, ostrich, cassowary and rhea. They all live in the southern hemisphere.