Dark Handed Agile Gibbon

The Dark handed Agile Gibbon, also called the Black Handed Gibbon or Agile Gibbon, is native to the tropical rainforests of Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It lives in the upper canopy of the forest and rarely descends to the ground.

They are a tailless primate with an average size of 44 – 63 cm (17 – 25 in) and a weight of 4 – 6 kg (9 – 13 lb). Males are larger than the females.

Their diet consists of fruit, leaves and insects. They live in monogamous family groups. The single offspring stays with the mother for up to two years and with the group until it is about eight. Males then move off on their own to seek a mate.

Dark Handed Agile Gibbon @ Safari Niagara

  • We have four Dark Handed Agile Gibbons named Mumma, Mickey, Billie and Hadley.

Scientific Classification

Species:Hylobates agilis

Did you know?

  • Most predators cannot reach these animals high in the forest canopy. Their greatest enemies are raptors and snakes.
  • Dark Handed Agile Gibbons are considered a threatened species because of habitat loss.