Common Eland

The Common Eland is the largest of the antelopes, and the slowest. They can run at 40 km (25 m) per hour for short distances but can travel indefinitely at 22 km (14 mi.) per hour. Males are larger than females with a maximum height of 1.6 m (5 ft) and a weight of 940 kg (2075 lb.) Both males and females have twisted horns but those on the males are shorter and thicker.

They live in east and southern Africa in environments of grasslands, savannas and open woodlots. Elands avoid dense forests. They are social animals which form groups of 25 to a hundred animals. Groups are segregated into male, female and juvenile groups.

The Common eland is a herbivore. During dry periods it can get along without water so long as food is available.

Common Eland @ Safari Niagara

  • The three Common Elands at Safari Niagara are Louise, Darma, Diana.

Scientific Classification

Species:Taurotragus oryx

Did you know?

  • - in many places the common eland has been semi-domesticated as a meat animal.