Cape Thick Knee

The Cape Thick Knee inhabits the grasslands and savannas of central and south Africa. It is also known by several other names including the Spotted Thick Knee and the Spotted Dikkop. It is a ground dwelling bird that prefers to walk rather than fly. Males and females look alike. The birds are usually seen singly or in pairs.

It is a nocturnal hunter and has large yellow eyes. It eats insects, small mammals and lizards.

The Cape Thick Knee builds a nest on the ground in which the female lays one to three eggs. During the mating season males become aggressive and territorial.

Cape Thick Knee @ Safari Niagara

Scientific Classification

Species:Burhinus capensis

Did you know?

  • The Cape Thick Knee protects its young by performing an elaborate injury display which draws predators away from the next. This action is like that of the North American Killdeer.