Canadian Lynx

The Canadian Lynx is a mid -sized cat, similar to but slightly larger than, a bobcat. The Lynx can be distinguished from the bobcat by the black hair tufts on its ears and the long winter hairs on its lower cheeks. Lynx average 80 – 100 cm (31 – 39 in.) in length.

The Canadian Lynx inhabits the Boreal Forest of Alaska and Canada. They are also found in the western states of Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon, and until recently, Colorado. Lynx prey almost exclusively on snowshoe hares but will eat other small animals and birds.

They are territorial and mark their space with claw marks in trees as well as spreading urine and feces. Females keep their young with them through the first winter of life.

Canadian Lynx @ Safari Niagara

Scientific Classification

Species:Lynx canadensis

Did you know?

  • Canadian Lynx populations are closely tied to the eleven year cycle of the rise and fall of snowshoe hare populations. During the year of low hare numbers female lynx do not give birth to young.
  • Canadian Lynx are smaller than European Lynx.