Canadian Bobcat

The Canadian Bobcat is widely distributed across North America from Canada to Mexico. It ranges through the entire United States with a total population there of
700 000 to 1 500 000 animals. It is a smaller cat than the Canadian Lynx with a length of 47 – 125 cm (19 – 49 in) plus the tail, and a height of 30 – 60 cm (12 – 24 in.) at the shoulder.

Its preferred food is rabbits and hares but it will eat a variety of small animals and birds, as well as fish. Bobcats have been observed killing deer and have been recorded taking prey up to 8 times their weight. When hunting the cat follows a habitual route of 3.2 – 11 km (2 – 7 mi.). They are crepuscular, meaning they hunt in the evening and early morning.

Bobcats are very territorial and mark their range by claw marks on trees and the spreading of urine and feces.

Canadian Bobcat @ Safari Niagara

  • We have one Bobcat at Safari Niagara named Oriella.

Scientific Classification

Species:Lynx rufus

Did you know?

  • Bobcats have a high mortality among juvenile animals, particularly through starvation when they first move out on their own. Average life span in the wild is 6 to 10 years.
  • The oldest captive animal lived to be 32 years of age.