California Kingsnake

The California Kingsnake is a nonvenomous snake that resides mainly in the western United States and Northern Mexico. Due to ease of care and a wide range of colour variations, the California Kingsnake is one of the most popular snakes in captivity.

This species lives in a wide variety of habitats, including woodland, grassland, deserts, marshes, and even suburban areas.

The California Kingsnake commonly fees on rodents, other reptiles, birds, and amphibians. All kingsnakes are non-venomous, but are powerful constrictors and generally kill their pray through suffocation.

The California Kingsnake lays eggs as opposed to giving live birth like some other snakes. They typically lay between 5-12 eggs and the hatchlings usually emerge 40-65 days later. They are approximately 8-12 inches long in length. Adult California Kingsnakes are most commonly 2.5 – 3.5 feet in length.

California Kingsnake @ Safari Niagara

  • The California Kingsnake can be found in Safari Niagara's reptile exhibit.
  • Our California Kingsnake can sometimes be found at our Travelling Zooniversity Outreach Show.

Scientific Classification

Species:L. getula

Did you know?

  • California Kingsnakes can vary in all different colours even though they are all the same species.
  • They shed 4-6 times per year and become blind when shedding.