The Budgerigar, also known as the Common Pet Parakeet, Shell Parakeet or by its nickname the Budgie, is native to Australia. It inhabits scrublands, open woodlands and grasslands. Under favourable conditions these birds form flocks of thousands of individuals. Since they eat seeds and therefore will predate on farm crops such as wheat they are considered by many farmers to be pests.

In the wild the Budgerigar is green and yellow. Captive breeding has produced individuals that are blue, white, yellow or grey.

Budgerigar @ Safari Niagara

  • A large number of these birds call Safari Niagara home. You can visit them in their summer home and get up close and personal by feeding them.

Scientific Classification

Species:Melopsittacus undulatos

Did you know?

  • A feral population of Budgies has been recorded since the 1940’s in St. Petersburg, Florida. The birds are now less common due to competition from introduced starlings and English house sparrows.