Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragon originated in Australia, but ever since 1990’s, it can be found almost in all pet shops in America, as one of the most popular reptiles. Natural habitats of bearded dragons include deserts, arid and rocky areas, dry forests and scrublands. It is located mainly in the eastern and central parts of Australia.

The bearded dragon is an opportunistic omnivore. They can consume large amounts of plant matter, which they prefer, as well as insects and occasionally small rodents and other lizards.

Adult bearded dragons are very territorial. As they grow, they establish social hierarchies in which displays of aggression and appeasement form a normal part of their social interactions. The beard is used for both mating and aggression displays. Both sexes have a beard, but males display more frequently, especially in courtship rituals. Females will display their beard as a sign of aggression.

Bearded Dragon @ Safari Niagara

  • Our Bearded Dragon can be found shortly after Tram Stop #6 in the Reptile house and sometimes starring in our Reptile Presentation.

Scientific Classification

Species:Pogona Vitticeps

Did you know?

  • The bearded dragon gets its name that way because it can enlarge its throat when it is threatened or when defending its territory.
  • Average bearded dragons can reach 16-22 inches in length.
  • A bearded dragon is able to regulate its body temperature by changing the shades of the colour of the skin from light to dark and vice versa.