Amur Leopard

The Amur Leopard is a critically endangered species with possibly less than 50 individuals left in the wild. It is found only on southeastern Russia and northeastern China. It inhabits temperate forests. They are solitary animals, coming together only to breed. The last viable population estimated to be between 30 – 57 animals is found between Vladivostok, Russia and the Chinese border.

Amur Leopards are the smallest of the 10 subspecies of leopard. Males weigh from 32 – 48 kg (71 – 106 lb) and females weigh 25 – 42 kg (55 – 94 lb). They have long legs and wide paws to help them travel in deep snow.

They are crepuscular hunters meaning they are active at twilight and in the early morning. Amur Leopards eat deer, wild boar and a number of small animal species such as rabbits and hares.

Amur Leopard @ Safari Niagara

  • There is one Amur Leopard at Safari Niagara, His name is Andre.

Scientific Classification

Species:Panthera pardus

Did you know?

  • The greatest threat to the Amur leopard is poaching and loss of habitat.
  • Due to the small number of existing animals genetic diversity is being lost due to constant inbreeding.