American Red Fox

Red foxes live around the world in many diverse habitats including forests, grasslands, mountains, and deserts. They also adapt well to human environments such as farms, suburban areas, and even large communities. The red fox’s resourcefulness has earned it a legendary reputation for intelligence and cunning.

Red foxes are solitary hunters who feed on rodents, rabbits, birds, and other small game – but their diet can be as flexible as their home habitat. Foxes will eat fruit and vegetables, fish, frogs, and even worms.

In winter, foxes meet to mate. The female typically gives birth to a litter of 2-12 pups. At birth, red foxes are actually brown or gray. A new red coat usually grows in by the end of the first month. Both parents care for their young through the summer before they are able to strike out on their own in the fall.

American Red Fox @ Safari Niagara

  • Safari Niagara is home to three American Red Foxes.
  • Their names are Scout, Apache & Chyanne.
  • The American Red Fox can be found in the Silent Forest among the Big Cat exhibits.

Scientific Classification

Species:Vulpes Vulpes

Did you know?

  • A male is called a dog fox while a female is called a vixen.
  • Foxes have whiskers on their legs and face, which help them to navigate.
  • A group of foxes is called a skulk or leash.