Albino Hognose

The Albino Hognose snake resides from Southern Canada through the United States to northern Mexico. It frequents areas with sandy or gravel soils, including floodplains, scrub and grasslands, semi-deserts and some semi agricultural areas.

Hognose Snakes are relatively small, stout-bodied snakes. Their colour and pattern is highly variable. Males are smaller than females, with adult lengths rarely exceeding 38-51 cm (15-20 inches). These snakes get their name from the shape of their nose that is formed in an upturned matter, providing a very “hog-like” look.

The Hognose Snake is non-venomous but possesses saliva that may cause symptoms such as slight swelling and itching.

Albino Hognose @ Safari Niagara

  • Our Albino Hognose Snake can be found at the Reptile Exhibit within the Safari Niagara grounds.

Scientific Classification

Species:Heterodon Nasicus

Did you know?

  • The diet of a Hognose Snake consists of tree frogs, toads, small lizards and occasionally rodents.
  • When laying eggs, the mother produces about 4-23 eggs and they take about 60 days to hatch.
  • Hognose Snakes have been known to put on a defensive display which includes hissing, hooding its neck and inflating its body.