Walk through our aviary with over 500 budgies flying in free flight all around you! Guests have the option to purchase seed sticks and feed the budgies.

The formal name of these sweet little birds is “budgerigar,” which has been shortened to “budgie.”

Gender can be easily determined by looking at an adult budgie’s face. Budgies have a small bump called a cere above their beak. If the cere is blue, the budgie is male; if it is brown, the budgie is female.

While budgies have been bred to be specific colors, the only natural color is green.

Budgies are flock birds and must be socialized daily. This is a little different from socializing other pets because it involves actually talking to your bird.

Do not miss visiting the Budgies when you come to the zoo.

The Walk-Through Budgie Exhibit is open weekends only during our off-season and open daily during our in-season. This exhibit is open weather permitting.  Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Budgie feeding sticks are available upon entry to the budgie exhibit at an additional cost.

Please note: A mask is required to be worn in the Walk Through Budgie Exhibit

 Warning: You may be pooped on!