Need to take a break? Want to ride around in style?

Climb aboard the Gator Express, an open-air tram system that makes several designated stops throughout the park allowing you to get on and off as often as you wish.

The tram ride is a guided tour of Safari Niagara, so you can relax and listen as you make your way around the perimeter of the park. The tram stops at seven designated areas including the restaurant, the Silent Forest, The Rowdy Rhino, Zooniversity staging area, the paddle boats, Budgie Exhibit and main entrance/gift shop.

The tram is wheelchair accessible and equipped with a ramp. Strollers and wagons are also welcome on board.

The tram is operated in support of the Kalaweit Foundation, an organization that protects and preserves the species of primate called Gibbons. Safari Niagara houses several breeding pairs of Siamang gibbons and Agile-handed gibbons. The endangered and threatened primates are native to subtropical rainforests in Southeast, South and East Asia.

The Gator Express tram system is FREE with your paid admission.