Hippo & Giraffe Encounter

Daily Encounter at 3:00PM

Come join us for an up close encounter with hippopotami (Gladis and Bobo) and the majestic giraffes (Rainbow, Zephora and Moses).

Learn why hippos are the most feared animal on the planet, how they keep cool in the hot summer sun, and how strong their impressive jaws really are as they are fed right before your eyes. Just don’t stand too close, Bobo will mark his territory by defecating while spinning his tale around flinging his poop to impress Gladis while marking his territory.

While feeding the giraffes you will be both educated and entertained as you learn how a giraffe can bend down to drink without getting dizzy and how it’s possible that humans and giraffe have the same number of neck vertebrae.

Feeding a giraffe is truly a life changing moment. Come join us and learn how you can help save these species from extinction.