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Safari Niagara

Safari Niagara Mellow Marsh

Mellow Marsh

Take a relaxing stroll along the winding, wooden path through Safari Niagara’s Mellow Marsh. See frogs and turtles sunning themselves and dragonflies darting among the reeds. Educational signs and a presentation pavilion explain the importance of wetlands and their inhabitants.

In geography, a marsh, or morass, is a type of wetland which is subject to frequent or continuous flooding. Typically, the water is shallow and features grasses, rushes, reeds, typhas, sedges, and other herbaceous plants. Woody plants will be low-growing shrubs. A marsh is different from a swamp, which has a greater proportion of open water surface and may be deeper than a marsh. In North America, the term “swamp” is used for wetland dominated by trees rather than grasses and low herbs.

The water of a marsh can be fresh, brackish or saline.

Marshes are critically important wildlife habitat, often serving as breeding grounds for a wide variety of animal life, particularly including ducks and geese.

Constructed wetlands featuring surface-flow design are usually in the form of a marsh.



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